Thursday, June 24, 2010

fluff and stuff

Well, it's been determined that the problems with Tumblr are external to my laptop (good), but they won't be fixed anytime soon (bad). Something about lightning striking a box and shorting out a power supply, and something about too-slow internet speeds.

I've decided that Paradise Found will be my "serious" (and semi-private) blog, and Wayward Son will be my fluffy travel blog.* So look for some cross-posting and Facebook posting.

Tuesday, June 15, 2010

Choices, choices...

So much to do when setting up a new blog.

Since Blogger is a Google product, it's tied in with Google AdSense. I have have to choose whether to participate or not. Sure, some extra money would be nice. Maybe I'll try it out and see what happens. If I start getting ads I don't like, or the ads are too intrusive, or enough people complain, I'll stop participating.

Monday, June 14, 2010

Who is 'Milton'?

The short answer: 'Milton' is the persona I adopt when I have to be outgoing. I'm a very introverted person, so when I'm in a situation that calls for extraversion, I switch from being 'Jon' to being 'Milton'.

The long answer: Back in high school, I got involved in musical theatre, pastly in an attempt to break out of my shell. One of the casts I was in had a Jon (me) and a John. To keep us separate, the rest of the cast and crew started calling us by our characters' names - mine was 'Milton'.

By the time college had rolled around, I had decided to re-invent myself. I wanted to be more out-going and more social. And at freshman orientation, I met 11 other 'Johns', so I started introducing myself as 'Milton'.

Over time, as friendships have gotten tighter and stronger, and as I've grown more comfortable with myself, I've come to rely on Milton less and less. He's still there, and I still use him - being around large groups of people or being "on stage" takes a lot of energy out of me. But more often, he's supporting me and working with me instead of acting in my stead. For now, it looks like he'll be part of me forever.